It Looks Like Champagne. It Bubbles Like Champagne. It’s ….

I am in Boston as I write this. Yes, dear readers, Butterblogger is again on his way to Italia. I have friends who question my many visits to Italy, but I love it there and I almost speak the language.

I had not initially planned this trip, but D wanted to burn some frequent flier miles, and I had some to burn, so I am again on the wing. I have family in Sicily but sadly am not seeing them this time – I need to plan another trip for that (and have to confess I feel like I am imposing every time I go). But just you wait to see the adventures that are in the offing!

This is a new trip for me – the long leg is on Alitalia – I’ve never done this before. Usually my transatlantic leg has been either on AirFrance or Delta. Both offer very good service, although AirFrance takes me through that hellhole of an airport in Paris that is a manifestation right out of the imagination of Hieronymous Bosch. It is a physically beautiful airport, but entirely nonfunctional. The Rome airport is the exact opposite. Entirely outdated, but it gets the job done. I’m totally fine with that.


My first leg takes me from Detroit to Boston. Spending miles on this, I am going business class. This means that rather than pretzels I have the option of snacks on this flight. I go with the kettle-cooked potato chips. They are nice, and I appreciate the human-size bag.

In Boston I have to switch terminals and check in again. This is a minor annoyance – for some reason the Delta and Alitalia systems don’t interface and Delta couldn’t check me all the way through in Detroit. If I had checked a bag I would have had to claim it, haul it across the airport, and re-check it in.

C’mon Delta! Alitalia! You’re both in SkyTeam – get this fixed fer criminy sake!

Quibbles aside, check in is easy and I settle into the airport lounge (run by AirFrance). I have a chicken sandwich. Plenty of mustard and a little cheese that gets lost. Meh.


I’m in Boston so the clam chowder is not to be avoided. It is reasonable. Probably not the absolute best but I am not an expert in chowder. I will have to come to New England some day and do a chowder tour.

I have this with Prosecco (yes – the AirFrance lounge serves Prosecco!).

Now I wait for my plane to spirit me away…

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