Settling In, Getting Reoriented, and Eating

The arrival into Rome was painless. We arrived early, I zipped through passport control and customs, and caught the train to Rome. D was already checked in. We are in room 605 with an incredible view of the Pantheon.20131209-232931.jpg

D was having issues with electricity. His very nice plug adapters kept blowing fuses, so I substituted my cheapo models, which worked like a charm. Then we were off to the city. We stopped first in Piazza Navona and had a porchetta sandwich. Light and tasty. And cheap. So much better than we could do at home for the same money. And then our wanderings continued, with our aimless path eventually crossing the Tiber to St Peters.20131209-233039.jpg

I wouldn’t say D is an atheist as much as an antitheist, but even he is astounded by the beauty of the churches inside and out. And he has instantly fallen in love with Rome, and the random way her streets will lead to another unexpected glory.
St Peter’s Square is being prepped for the holiday. We pass some time here, until night is falling and the glow of the church begins to dominate the scene. We then turn back to our hotel, and dinner.

Dinner is at da Fortunato, a classic Roman restaurant. Our meals consisted of: prosciutto with melon, bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti carbonara,, veal with butter and sage, and beef tartare.






All are incredibly well done. Some of the best either of us has ever had. The incredible thing is how well balanced all of the flavors are. And simple – they use such high quality ingredients that they don’t need to doctor the food – it shines on its own.

After having gelati we walk a bit to visit Trevi and enjoy the lights, then settle in for the night.

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