Again in the Sky

Hello, my friends! Butterblogger is back, and once again off on another adventure. When last we met I was returning from a week with G in Italy. That trip was both was new and familiar at the same time, as I have a certain comfort in Italy. I have hinted at my next destination, and it is time to let you know (I’m sure you have waited with bated breath!) – I am returning to Spain.

When I was there for my last (and only) visit, I had an overnight layover in Madrid that ended, ingloriously enough, with gastroenteritis. I was impressed by the hourless sensation of the Spanish capital, however, and vowed that “I must come back someday when I’m feeling better.” Well, I’m feeling better, and am marginally more prepared for this visit (but just barely).

So I have my bags and cameras packed (counting the two each in my iPhone and my iPad i travel with 6!) and am currently somewhere between Flint, Michigan and Atlanta. Why Flint? Although I have to connect elsewhere, great airfares can be had out of this airport, and from Ann Arbor it’s not a lot further than DTW – I suggest my A2 readers consider it.

As I embark on this vacation I would like to offer my readers (I know there are a few of you) an explanation related to the blog. The blog began on the recommendation of some very dear friendd. I continued for very personal reasons initially. Somewhere along the line it has become a diary, of sorts, for my travels. There is a good and bad to it. I fully understand that sometimes it becomes a boring series  of me stating that  “I did ‘x’ then I did ‘y.'” I really do try to avoid this, however, and try to remind myself to capture the more introspective moments. Sometimes I even succeed.

On the positive side, I have looked back years later at some of my posts, with sentimental smiles and mirthful memories, and I am grateful that I have this record that has reminded me of many a forgotten nuance. I would like to think that my readers enjoy the escapades as well. In short, the public diary of my travels will continue, and I truly hope some of you out there get some laughs and happiness in the process.

One final note: I mentioned before that D might be joining me for this trip. He is, but not for a few days. So to start, it is just me, my camera, my stomach, and my thoughts. I haven’t done this alone in a while – it should be interesting.

Be happy, my friends! It is a beautiful world!

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