I Can Just Eat Tapas

I met my tour guide at noon. He is a former art history professor who has, I think, some eccentricities. It sounds as though he has a habit of railing against sacred cows, which leads to some amusing anecdotes. Personally, I value those who are willing to challenge the status quo, so we got on […]

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Once More Unto the Breach!

I had a layover in Atlanta which mostly involved me sitting in the lounge and eating soup. Beef barley soup. Just not my favorite but it was fine. I boarded the plane to find the compulsory glass of champagne. They promptly offered me a menu so I could consider my dinner choices. Even before the […]

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Again in the Sky

Hello, my friends! Butterblogger is back, and once again off on another adventure. When last we met I was returning from a week with G in Italy. That trip was both was new and familiar at the same time, as I have a certain comfort in Italy. I have hinted at my next destination, and […]

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