A Look Back to Things We Missed

Happy New Year, everybody. Not everything done while traveling has made it to the blog, so here are a few random photos to fill you in on things you missed.


On the USS Missouri, there was a computer room, with old Macs and even an ImageWriter 2 printer.


On the Big Island of Hawaii, we visited the Star of the Sea Church


There was a big tiki statue in the botanical garden. Very Brady Bunch.


The steaming earth around the Kilauea’s caldera was positively primeval.


 At times it looked like we were in a Jeep commercial.


The waygu beef burger was spectacular



Constantine’s arch. Just because.



In the Vatican Museums this was labeled as a female fertility symbol. Frankly I think it is a universal fertility symbol.


There were lots of fig leaves in Rome


This little guy visited us in Ostia Antica.


This was in the Prado in Madrid. And I’m still at a loss.


There was a genuine Spanish Mariachi band in Madrid (?!)


From the roof of the Palau Güell in Barcelona


The stables of the Palau Güell.


The front gate of the Palau Güell.

Noticed this on the wine bottle on ANA.


 We saw this spider in Borobudur. I really don’t like spiders. At all.

What? You don’t know about Borobudur? That’s because I haven’t written it yet!

Happy New Year, my friends!

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