Afterword: Germany 2015

Well it’s done and I’m on my way home. I didn’t expect to have this particular trip to Germany (yes I stopped in the UK, but this trip was really about Germany), but then again I guess I don’t know what I was expecting. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not a big planner. I tend to broadly outline the trip beforehand, and in the process try to pick up big things that need to be reserved in advance. For the day-to-day, I try to read about my options the day or two before. 

In big cities this approach works reasonably well. Some things can be missed, but usually not too much, and if museums are closed I can usually find an alternative easily enough. In small towns it is sometimes less effective, such as our Monday in Dresden.

This trip, without even trying, I was repeatedly drawn back to the darkest parts of German history. Perhaps the problem was my tendency not to plan, but I think it also reflects the reality of German history. Perhaps I needed to work harder to avoid the remnants of Nazi and Communist Germany, which otherwise can be difficult to avoid. This is especially true in Berlin and Nuremberg.


As I write this I am somewhere over the Eastern United States, on a flight from London Heathrow to Atlanta. Now that this trip is winding down I can get home, get off my leg for a while, and start outlining my next big trip. And I do need to get off of the leg – it has been progressively bothering me more as the week has moved along.

The next big trip? I’ve got time – that’s not going to take place until September, so plenty of time for the leg to heal. That also means you may not hear from me for a while, but perhaps I’ll find a reason to check in sometime before then. 

I’m not telling you where I will be in September, but I will also be traveling in November. when I’ll be on my way back to Italy with D. We will be hitting Bologna and Florence, both of which are old hat for me, but entirely new for him. I’ll be sure to get some new experiences under the belt with that one – no need to worry.

Until then, I bid you all a good Summer!

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