A Different Kind of Trip, A Different Kind of Blog

Butterblogger returns, my friend, and this time, he brings you a different kind of trip, unlike others he has done in the past. I can’t promise the hijinks, but please follow along.

I’m off on a dive trip! Yes I know it’s been a while since I mentioned this possibility, but I’ve been considering doing this since then. The stars aligned and I set out this morning for Grand Cayman, Owen Roberts International Airport. 

Prep for this trip has been different. First I booked everything through a dive resort that was recommended by a friend, and frankly the resort is remote from the rest of the island. That means there is a reasonable likelihood that I won’t get to see much touristy stuff while I’m here. Then again, most of that isn’t high on the agenda anyway. Threre are a few things I would like to see, but even those may have to wait for another visit.

I intended to borrow my brother’s dive equipment (we were instructed to bring our own). But after picking it up, a mere 4 days before departure, I tried it on. It was just too big for me. I was (pun partially intended) swimming in it. So off to the dive shop I went to buy my own equipment. Needless to say I will now be diving more.

My flight left on time and the transfer in ATL went off without a hitch. After boarding, our plane was broken, but the delay was an hour, and after a hammer and some duct tape we were on our way. We made up about half the time in the air and arrived, bouncing down the runway (seriously!) to 80° temperatures.

The shuttle took us to the resort where I checked in at the dive shop, and laid out plans for the week. They have classes, and I’ve wanted to get Nitrox certification, so I may consider that.

Back at the bar I sat back down to talk with L. L is the other single diver here, having come down from Canton. He had introduced himself when I checked in, but I was unable to talk, busy as I was signing a gazillion waivers (notably, there were no waivers when I went paragliding last year!). Once the basics were done and I could pay attention, it turns out L is a very experienced diver (35+ years, 3,500+ dives, plus experience as an instructor) and knows all the dive shops around me. When I informed him of my lack of dive experience, he had this look on his face that said, “Oh God! I’m going to have to pull him down to get him under the water.” I don’t think I’m quite that bad, but didn’t have any way of telling him that. He’ll figure it out for himself.

We are allowed and unlimited number of shore dives while here, but the surf is too high right now, so it looks like those are off of the agenda. Incidentally the locals call that “ironshore.”

I walked down the street from the resort a bit, but frankly the reports were accurate. We are near nothing else, at the end of a residential area.

By this time, evening was falling, so L and I had dinner together, and I then hurried off to bed. It was an early morning, and tomorrow will begin early as well.

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