In Which I Steal Photos

CoCoView is isolated. It’s on its own island, and everybody here says they have never had problems with theft. There are people who have been her numerous times, so I guess I mostly believe them. One person on my boat has been here 6 times.

Upon arrival, we moved all of our dive equipment to one of these lockers. Lockers, I guess, is a misnomer, as it contains the word “lock,” and there’s nothing with which to lock anything. Cubbie is a better word. Upon arrival, we placed our equipment in these cubbies, and shockingly enough, nothing untoward seems to happen to it.

We are all assigned a dive boat. I’m on boat 1, which is the yellow boat in this photo. I like yellow, so that’s good. Gringo (not his real name, I think) is our dive master, and he is great. I like the continuity of working with the same team all week.

As I move forward with the post, I should confess that most divers keep a log of their dives. And I have to admit that I’m not the most detailed with my dive log, and I’m realizing that now. I have a spreadsheet that keeps basic statistics on my dives, but other people have logs that detail the things they see. Come to think of it, I guess in that respect this blog is part of my personal dive log.

Another confession: some of today’s pictures weren’t taken by me – they were taken by B. He has a great setup for his camera. I have a little point and shoot. Guess which takes better photos.

First dive of the day: Pirates Point.

My highlight of the dive were these banded coral shrimp hanging out inside a sponge. There were a few of them and they were very cool. It’s difficult to tell in the light, but those are red bands on them.

There was also this crab sitting there, with feathers in his hair.

And this black spotted nudibranch.

After this, we moved on to a dropoff dive, where the boat drops us off in front of the resort. I was buddied up with B and L. B immediately started going the wrong way, and I couldn’t help but wonder, “does he want to go out to sea?” I let this continue for a few minutes before turning him around.

During the dropoff dives we scuba in along the wall, looking for all sorts of sea creatures hiding out. Of course, this flame box crab wasn’t on the wall. He was hanging out on the flats, burying himself in the sand.

The afternoon dive was at Gold Chain Reef. There isn’t an actual chain there, so I don’t know why they call it that.

Another great dive. This large moray wasn’t shy at all.

And these tiny spotted drum are always a sight with their delicate tails.

Do you see the scorpionfish?

This dropoff dive took us to the wreck of the Prince Albert, just outside our “front door.”

We saw plenty here as well, including this lionfish (who doesn’t belong in this part of the world), trumpet fish, and plenty of tunicates. We entered the wreck (although this was done with caution) and eventually headed back in.

This hermit crab was still hanging around from the morning.

Four dives. It was a good day.

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