Butterblogger Says the “C” Word (Not That One)

Greetings, my readers! Yes, I’m back! It’s been almost 5 months since my last post, but finally the time has come for another journey into the little-known (it’s not really unknown).

Since I saw you last I successfully made it home from Machu Picchu. That trip ended up incredibly uneventfully. After returning to Cuzco from Ollantaytambo we had a lovely dinner with our fellow hikers, and the next morning we sadly parted ways.

R and I had a late morning flight to Lima and a ridiculously long layover until our late night flight to Atlanta. When we booked this we expected that we would use the time to go to visit the city again and maybe have a meal. Well – we really didn’t want to go back to Lima, so instead we spent hours entertaining ourselves (and blogging) in the airport food court waiting to check in. It was so boring that I didn’t even take a photo.

OK – I took one photo. I honestly don’t have a habit of taking photographs in bathrooms, but I was extremely impressed by this toilet paper holder and couldn’t resist. The stuff is apparently quite valuable there.

The most exciting thing happened at the end of the wait. In the line to check in R and I stood behind John Wesley Shipp. If that can be considered exciting.

The intervening months have included a broken leg for D, but that didn’t keep him down for long, and we still managed some decent sailing and a great sunset on Fire Island.

And for those of you who do CrossFit, I completed a “Murph,” which left me feeling more than a bit accomplished. And I cut two minutes off of my 5k, so that was also pretty awesome.

At work a housefinch built a nest and laid eggs on the ledge outside of my office window. The pale blue eggs eventually hatched and five chicks grew to quite mammoth sizes before fleeing their little nest.

Most recently I had an incredible run-in with a massive poison ivy plant (I think). It involved four showers in an attempt to make certain that all of the toxic oils were expunged from my face.

Now that September is almost gone, the sun passes more quickly in his arc across the sky and the cooler, dewy rainy days of autumn have descended on Michigan. The shadows are long and golden and the leaves are starting to be kissed with color, in shades of yellow and red and orange.

The travel season is upon us and it is time for me to hit the road. I just stepped off of my flight from DTW to JFK (I passed the entire flight speaking with S – it was great – and I never talk to people on the plane!) and at this moment I’m sitting in the lounge in New York awaiting my next flight that will take me to the other side of the world. People ask if I’m traveling east or west – it seems I’m mostly going north and south to be honest.

Join me, my friends, for a week in Vietnam!

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