Dive Trips are Another Thing Entirely

Dive trips are really special to me. They are my down time, just take it easy, don’t sweat the small stuff trips. I feel little pressure to do anything, and that’s a great place to be. I set a base itinerary, which mostly consists of “go diving,” and I leave most of the details to my dive team.

There’s something humbling about diving that goes beyond the inconceivable depth of the seas, the weight of the water, and the incredible diversity. Simply put, it’s always great to see new things, but I can’t get my heart set on seeing any specific creature; I only get to see what the oceans show me.

And sometimes things are there but I miss them because I looked the wrong way at the wrong time.

Or something was so camouflaged and bizarre that I just didn’t see it at all.

This perspective grants me a little bit of extra serenity, so when I’m not feeling great after the first dive of the morning, like I was today, I don’t worry about sitting out the second dive.

And when my co-divers come back with tales of mating octopuses I’m just happy for them and I enjoy hearing the tales. Well – maybe there’s a hint of jealousy.

The other thing about dive trips is the people you meet. Even when I travel alone I manage to meet exceptional people with whom to spend my time above and below the waves.

After the morning’s dives, Emily and Denielle and I went for lunch and some time on the beach. We continued to hang out back at the hotel, telling our stories and sharing our tales. We sat together poolside while I did my Covid test for tomorrow’s trip home.

The sun crossed the sky, the light turned to gold, and the shadows grew long as these precious moments continued into the evening, when we at last roused ourselves from the lounge chairs to meet some of our friends from the dive shop.

On the way to meet them, we stopped at the nearby roadside stand a few steps from the hotel (Pollolandia!) to try just a few bites (2 wings) of the fried chicken that had been tempting me for days. And it was truly delectable. While I gnawed at the bones, I offered a few morsels to a stray dog that had adopted us for as long as it would take to get a bite of food.

Back at a beachfront bar, we met with Mak, Niko, and Shane over drinks, snacks, and a few more stories. Well past sunset we found ourselves standing back on the beach, with waves licking the shore at our feet, the star-studded firmament spread above, and Christmas decorations behind.

Orion stood guard from his post in the sky, his sword nestled snugly in his belt. I looked upon him as we turned back toward the hotel.

And at last our group of friends said our goodnights and goodbyes, talking of maybe coordinating our lives for a trip for next January. We hugged each other and went our own ways.

My driver picks me up in the morning.

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