The Magical Thinking We Do

A trip left unfulfilled leaves an emptiness in its place: a vacuum. And an uncontrolled vacuum is a force of destruction.

Look around you at the world today. Look at COVID, which has cost so many lives.

Two years ago this week, I was supposed to be in Portugal but there was a great deal of uncertainty at the time. I strongly I considered making the trip, but airports were getting overrun and several people told me to stay in Ann Arbor. And I listened.

The trip was cancelled, with the airfare to be used at another time.

Two years ago I was unable to complete my journey, leaving a vacuum in its place, and the consequences are all around us. So the trip I take today will complete a mission of sorts. I’ve just landed Amsterdam, where I will find my connecting flight to Lisbon.

Today, my friends, I am once again traveling the world, eating small food, and collecting miles. At long last, I am headed to Portugal to complete the trip that was canceled 2 years ago.

Travel with me once more, my friends, for Butterblogger is on a mission!

A trip left unfulfilled leaves a hole, and it’s time to fill it. It’s long past time for me to right this wrong and finally put an end to this pandemic.

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