Crossing the Atlantic

G may not have wanted to get up early this week, but she did, and today did so one last time so we could straighten up the apartment. While we were doing this, I called for the taxi to take us to the train station. A year ago I made a similar phone call that […]

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Alitalia Knows Italian Food

I get on the plane it is an A330 widebody (twin-aisle) jet plane and I have a window seat. As I stow my baggage I feel as though I am hogging the overhead bin, but think “there aren’t many people in the cabin. The people in the middle section can use the bins above them.” […]

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The Disappearing Post

I’m not rewriting this post. I first wrote it somewhere in the air over the Atlantic. Then it was rewritten again. Now you get notes and pictures … get over it This story begins in BOS, with the Delta gate agent announcing that my flight was overbooked and asking for volunteers to take a later […]

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Do Airplanes Have Bows???

Airborne at last, on the first leg of my trek to merry old England. We are aloft in the darkening sky, with black night ahead, broken only by the bright beacon of the moon off of our starboard bow. Behind us, the sky is a rapidly waning grey blue, with a cachectic line of pale […]

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