Another March, Another Trip

Michigan is a grey place. Really it’s a profoundly grey place. We have all of the clouds of Seattle, but none of the excitement, and this starts to wear on all of us after some time, I think. This is particularly the case now, as the winter season wanes and our bodies and minds yearn […]

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The next morning we wake to yet another deluge on the roof of the house where we are staying. It is louder, even, than the frogs. The frogs. Oh the frogs. I wish I could see one. I imagine it is tiny with an outsized voice. After breakfast we are on our way toward Kona. […]

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At the End of the Road

This island (ie Hawai’i, or “The Big Island”) has 10 of the world’s 15 climatic zones. We are staying in the rainforest zone, hence the frogs. And ya know what? There really is plenty of rain – torrential rains woke us early in the morning. The nice thing about this island is it isn’t as […]

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Another night with the frogs. Oh the frogs. I never understood the plague of frogs – what could be so bad about frogs? Well as I have now discovered, left unabated, they’re incredibly incredibly loud. I’m betting the frogs in the plague were tree frogs. If they were sizeable frogs, like bullfrogs, the Egyptians would […]

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