Now That’s What I Call Health Food

I don’t even know where to begin, so instead I will start at the end, as I walked out of the restaurant, Weibel’s Wirsthaus, thinking, “I will never eat this well in Vienna again.”

This was after the old plum Schnäpse that the server had offered me, “Can I bring you some Schnäpse, you know, for your health?” Wanting to be as healthy as possible, I of course said, “yes, please.” It smelled of flowers and fruit, and it tasted like burning. But it was profoundly good, and I certainly felt healthy afterward.


Maybe it was the course prior, the dessert of chili chocolate mousse with strawberries and a berry reduction. I can’t say I detected much in the way of chili, but the chocolate mousse was intense, dense, and still creamy. It mated well with the port wine I had also enjoyed.


If not the dessert, then perhaps it was the leg of lamb served with a deliciously spiced merlot reduction. It was tender, almost falling apart as I ate it. And the whole thing was presented on a bed of creamy zucchini risotto that was perfectly al dente. Paired with an Austrian red wine, this was a moment of pure bliss


The preceding course may have been the one, however. The creamy wild garlic soup was served in a bowl that would match my everyday china, and this should have been recognized for the sign it was. The soup was light, which can sometimes be a failing of cream soups, and was presented with a big cheesy poofy crouton in the middle. I was aghast, it was so perfect. I wonder if I might be able to make it.


Yes, dinner last night was an event, by far one of my best meals … possibly ever. A criminally good meal. And the server said the owners have a wine bar/restaurant nearby … Hmm.

But now, I’m thinking further ahead, because I can’t wait for the garlic scapes to come in this year…

March 14, 2021. I’m totally in food blog mode here. I know I did other things on this day in Vienna, but they aren’t mentioned at all. The best part of this post is the structure – starting at the end rather than the beginning. At least it wasn’t linear.

Another thing I notice is that I clearly referred to this meal in the past tense, as I posted it the next day. I haven’t hit the one post per day standard yet.

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