The 80s Called. They Want Their Benetton Back

Today I was awake early and off to the conference. Another good day of talks and discussion on diabetes in pregnancy. Good until late afternoon when the jet lag caught up with me and I basically slept through a talk. At this point the talks were winding down so I decided to head out. I wandered a bit through town and into the Duomo just absorbing the pervasive feeling of being in Florence.

Finally I decided another day was coming and I must do more shopping. I tried Coin (think Macy’s) but couldn’t stomach spending that much on a pair of ill-fitting jeans that I might never be able to wear again. Besides which, I didn’t remember my European size. Wandering back into the street I found Benetton for men. I don’t think we have had Benetton in the states since 1989. Fortunately the styles don’t seem to have changed, and they fit in with the locals. I ended up with a couple pairs of pants, ready to be pegged (yay!). And some shirts.

You think I’m kidding, I know, but pants run thin here. Here is a conversion chart

US calls it …………. Europeans call it
Baggy……………….. Not going to happen
Regular. ……………..Ha. Still a mythical size
Jobst stockings…….Skinny

I sure hope the airline pays for all of these clothes because I just don’t know how much I will be able to wear them in the future

After shopping I met up with some friends from Cincinnati for dinner at a nice Trattoria in town. We had caprese salad and some bruschetta. I had ribollita, which I always love and penne all’amatriciana.

All dishes were good, but nothing was as good as last night. It’s a ridiculous comparison. Last night was in an entirely different class. I’d hate be the one cooking the night after a meal at la Giostra. Whoever tries to follow that is bound to look bad if they are anything less than outstanding.

We stopped for a gelato and then escaped to our hotels from the chilly Florentine night.

Tomorrow will be the last day of conference then away to Bologna.

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