A Day of Waiting

Like Tasha Yar, I shouldn’t be here right now and I don’t know what to do with my time. I have cousins in LA and considered calling them, but it’s Friday, therefore a workday, and I’m pretty much assuming that everybody is busy. I considered calling last night when I needed a place to sleep, but it was rather late. I probably just need to come to LA another time – it’s been far too long. Or perhaps I should plan my unexpected layovers better. 

Anyway, this morning I was discouraged, tired, and uninspired, so I checked out of the hotel and spent many hours in the Burger King across the street, as there really wasn’t much near the hotel. That gave me a chance to write my earlier blog post.

While there I also wrote a letter to Delta. I don’t think I made friends with that letter. Perhaps I should have waited until after returning home, but my frustration was fresh and I decided to express it.

At 3pm I checked in for the flight and went to the airport lounge in the Bradley International Terminal here at LAX.

I didn’t notice it last night, but this really is a nice terminal. At least the central part of the terminal is well appointed. At the far ends, it is more consistent with the rest of the LAX experience.

The lounge here has a lot of food, most of which is pretty good. I think I tried it all, from the noodle bowl bar to the “mango egg wrap salad.” I also tried the desserts – and I tried them repeatedly to ensure consistent quality.

While I wait, here are some thoughts on this trip – it could be a big one, a trip that changes the way I travel, because I have something entirely new in store – scuba diving. I had vaguely considered learning to dive prior to Indonesia, but it never happened. And leading up to this trip, I had only toyed with the idea until about a month ago when I committed myself to learning.

Thanks to the absolutely amazing team at Motor City Scuba, I was able to get fully Open Water Certified within the course of a month (really just a couple weeks) and am now hauling fins halfway across the globe. And here’s the kicker – I really have very little time to use them, but I plan to make the best of it. 

So how will this affect my future travels? Here’s how I see it: if I love this (and I suspect I will, since my open water dives left me giddy) I’ll have to start thinking about scuba destinations in the future.

But that’s down the road. In the here-and-now, after many hours of waiting, my plane is ready, I’m feeling re-energized, and the road again beckons. This time I will not be denied. 
See you all Sunday, on the other side of the international dateline!

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