Another Missing Post

Well my friends, I’ve apparently become a lazy blogger. Once again, I missed the final  day and voyage home, so here goes:


The next morning we got up well before first light, and the hotel called us a taxi to take us to the airport. The taxi driver wasn’t quite right, fancying himself a Formula 1 racer trapped in a Fiat. We hurtled heedlessly through the dark Florentine morning, bouncing against unseen barriers, with D barely restraining his glee in the seat next to me. 

Shockingly enough, we arrived safely at the airport, and after a brief pause during which we plied ourselves with espresso and cappuccino, we boarded our flight to Rome, where we transferred to our flights to JFK. 

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, there had been a lot of rumors, including an advisory related to Rome. Although we changed planes in Rome, we weren’t going into the city, so I really wasn’t concerned. In the end we had no issue, as it turns out nothing happened anyway.


The flight back on Alitalia was great. Food was delicious and service was remarkable.

When we went through customs at JFK, D briefly debated the option of not declaring the parmigiano and balsamico, but I was steadfast on this. So we declared are cheese and vinegar and the customs agent shrugged at us, saying, “you guys must like cheese.” 

Beyond customs, I turned D’s balsamico over to him (since it was liquid and had to be checked, and I had checked the bag), and with a big hug we parted ways, him to his home in the West Village, and I to my plane and eventually home to Michigan.

And that my friends was our trip. D finally made it to Bologna, which has called to him since his youth. And I was fortunate enough to share one of my favorite places with him. There is something very personal about that city for me, and I feel truly fortunate to have been able to share it with some of my friends. And for any other of my friends who want to go: I’m in!!!


Before thIs trip I had predicted that D would be haunted by the food there. Months later (I’m writing this in January, 2016) my prediction has come true. He already wants to go back.

 I will always want to go back to Italy and Bologna, but sadly I can’t worry about that right now, as I have other plans in the offing. My next trip is already lined up, and just over a month away now. I’ve recently finalized my plans for a week in Turkey, where the ancient world awaits!

I invite you to travel with me again when the time comes. It will be a different trip for me, as I have worked with a travel agency on some of the logistics. I’m hoping it is as spectacular as I am imagining!

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