When Life Gives Us Focaccia

Well – it happened again. My penchant for not planning has reared it’s ugly head. Usually, it’s just one minor bump in the road — I go to a city, and some museum or other is closed on a given day, so I have to reorganize slightly. Even when well planned, I have had this […]

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Exhaustion and Joy

Walking down the colonnaded streets in the waning hours of the afternoon, I veered to the left. The crowds had been pressing in tightly on Via Independenza, and this street, whatever it was called, was less frantic. The name was irrelevant, as I knew it would take me to where I wanted and needed to […]

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Hello, my friends. Your trusty travel blogger has, at last, returned. I probably should apologize, as the blog from last trip seems to have ended abruptly, as I didn’t really do a last post. Often I do a last post months later, but not this time. It just isn’t worth it, as nothing substantial happened […]

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