I Got A Deal, That’s Why I’m Going There

Greetings, my friends! I’m sure you have been awaiting my return with bated breath, and here it is. Butterblogger is back once more for the last trip of this academic year. To clarify – my year starts July 1, and ends June 30, so this is my final trip for the year, and I honestly don’t have another big journey planned for five months, so this had best be good.


What do I have planned? No, not Italy (if you want more of Italy, please come back in October!). I’m off to someplace new. 


Back in November there were glorious sales, and I scoured the map in search of a destination. I knew I wanted to go someplace new. At long last, my eyes settled on a destination toward the East of Europe, where the West ends and the East begins, and I clicked the button.


Later, when I had time to really consider my decision, I did some searching to confirm that this was a good idea (mostly, we can cancel our tickets within 24 hours, you know) and indeed all signs pointed to yes. 


Incidentally, my research also revealed that Bucharest is not a high priority for me right now.

Since then, I have prepared in fits and starts, and tonight, at long last, I am heading off into the waning light on the eastern horizon. Beyond the night and the airborne sunrise lies a transfer in Amsterdam and a final destination in Hungary. Budapest awaits, and so do I.

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